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Hand Sanitiser – Touchless Solution


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Hand Sanitiser Gel – Touchless Dispensers


Our “touchless stand & hand sanitiser gel” is the complete solution that reduces the fear of potential contagion by providing a touchless hand sanitising experience with moisturising gel.

Our touchless units remove the need for contact with the unit, or the need for wipes which pose a waste issue and impose higher costs.



  • Most dispensers out there in the marketplace are pump operated, with buttons or plungers. This means that everyone that uses them is touching them, that defeats the object!
  • Our dispenser systems are touchless, so no contact! Avoiding risks of cross contamination.
  • Better, our dispensers are configured to dispense the perfect amount of hand gel to clean your hands, avoiding the cost of wasted gel.
  • The integrated drip tray ensures no lost gel on your floor
  • The stands are robust yet light, so they are easy to relocate to where you need them, flexible to the trading conditions.

Ethaclean Sanitiser

  • This is 70% alcohol formulated using WHO guidelines. It also features a moisturising effect, different to gels commonly sold in the market.
  • Shoppers visiting multiple stores in a day face the problem of dry and cracked skin caused by the drying effect of the hand gels. Pamper your clients and encourage them to visit your shop
  • ETHACLEAN comes in 5 litre stackable industrial-grade tanks. These are safer, take up less floor space and can be stored outside.
  • They do not require extra packaging unlike lighter weight containers, that would require cartons and indoor storage.
  • One 5 litres tank holds 3000+ doses of hand rub gel. We are aiming for this to be the highest quality hand sanitiser yet the most cost competitive product in the market place.
  • Important information: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Bundles Available:

  • Bundle A
    • 1 x Touchless Stand
    • 4 x 5 litre Tubs of Ethaclean
  • Bundle B
    • 8 x Touchless Stands
  • Bundle C
    • 8 x Touchless Stands
    • 16 x 5 litre Tubs of Ethaclean
  • Bundle D
    • 32 x Touchless Stands
    • 64 x 5 litre Tubs of Ethaclean
  • Bundle E
    • 1 x Touchless Wall Mount
    • 4 x 5 litre Tubs of Ethaclean
  • Bundle F
    • 8 x Touchless Wall Mounts
  • Bundle G
    • 8 x Touchless Wall Mounts
    • 16 x 5 litre Tubs of Ethaclean
  • Bundle H
    • 32 x Touchless Wall Mounts
    • 64 x 5 litre Tubs of Ethaclean
  • Bundle I
    • 4 x 5 litre Tubs of Ethaclean
  • Bundle J
    • 32 x 5 litre Tubs of Ethaclean
  • Bundle K
    • 160 x 5 litre Tubs of Ethaclean

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Touchless Hand Sanitiser

Bundle A, Bundle B, Bundle C, Bundle D, Bundle E, Bundle F, Bundle G, Bundle H, Bundle I, Bundle J, Bundle K

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