Rational UKOur primary objective has always been to offer the maximum possible benefit to our customers. Continued innovation has guaranteed our leading position by far in terms of technology and market share. Our goal is to be the easiest catering equipment supplier to deal with.

The RATIONAL UK team consists of experienced and professional individuals, including 31 Regional Chefs and 200 Service Engineers nationally – service is a critical factor to our success.

Our dedicated development kitchen accommodates dealer, sales team training, RATIONAL CookingLive and Academy’s. Investments include, a range of RATIONAL units of various specifications, allowing hands-on training and full presentation facilities with new media screens.

Chefs can test drive the combi oven at a RATIONAL CookingLive demonstration. They take place every month at over 120 venues across the UK, so there is sure to be one happening near you. Led by chefs who are experts in the latest combi oven technologies and techniques, participants can cook with the RATIONAL and sample the results.

Rational - Inspiring Different
CombiMaster Plus
Rational CombiMaster Plus - Electric Combination Ovens
Rational CombiMaster Plus - Natural Gas Combination Ovens
Rational CombiMaster Plus - LPG Combination Ovens
SelfCooking Center
Rational - Electric SelfCooking Centres
Rational - Natural Gas SelfCooking Centres
Rational - LPG SelfCooking Centres
Accessories for your Rational CombiMaster Plus and SelfCooking Centre Combination Ovens
Rational - Connected Cooking



From the combi-steamer to the SelfCookingCenter®.

It all began with the idea of combining steam and convection cooking into a single appliance. In 1976, we therefore developed our first combi-steamer and have since been constantly working on continuously improving it. Yet our company has never just been content with being a mechanical engineer. We see ourselves as an innovative solutions provider. Above all else, our utmost priority is to satisfy our customers.

This vision has transformed RATIONAL into a global market and technology leader. RATIONAL products are an integral part of industrial kitchens.

With over 750,000 RATIONAL appliances on the market, our appliances have become a standard in professional kitchens all over the world. And what we're particularly happy about: 93% of our global customers confirm that RATIONAL offers maximum customer benefit. (TNS Infratest 2016 study). Definitely one reason why almost all of them would also recommend RATIONAL.

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