Red One

Red One

RED ONE is a fresh approach to the Budget Catering Equipment market because it’s not just cheap catering equipment.

The RED ONE from Parry has got ‘Cheap’ and ‘Reliable’ together, and the result is a range of budget professional catering equipment that is both easy to afford and easy to live with.

The Red One range currently includes, Fryers, Griddles, Salamander Grills, Contact Grills, Convection Ovens, Induction Cookers, Wet Well Bain Maries, Fly Killers, Built In Blenders, Bar Blenders, Blender Accessories and Water Boilers... but as we know how good our range is we‘re sure it will grow and grow.

It’s taken us a long time to get it right but we think the results speak for themselves. A wide range of really affordable, solid and reliable budget catering equipment that won’t break the bank and keep the smile on your face.

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