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Gridwall Display

Gridwall , also known as Mesh Panel, is one of the most versatile display options on the market today.

Gridwall Display

Gridwall , sometimes known as Mesh Panel, is one of the most versatile display options available today.

With a choice of mesh panels, shelves, baskets, hooks and accessories, you can fully customise and adapt your display for any event.

Gridwall is very sturdy and can support the weight of larger merchandise. Small hooks can also be used to display smaller accessories, such as jewelry, fashion, hats, belts, sunglasses or purses. The possibilities are endless.

All of our gridwall panels and accessories have a clean, modern chrome finish that will suit any display.

Gridwall can be used to create mobile free-standing displays. It lightweight and can be moved easily to other areas. You can use them for market stalls, exhibition stands and other special promotions.

Gridwall can be taken down, rearranged and reconfigured in minutes. Its simple design makes it one of the most versatile assets in your store. When not in use, gridwall can be easily stored and takes up a minimal space.

Not all Gridwall Systems are the same. Be aware of inferior products constructed from lesser gauge wire.

Gridwall™ Mesh is a registered trademark.

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Why Should I use Gridwall?

Gridwall is a modular display system consisting of steel wire panels with 7cm x 7cm mesh squares.

With a wide range of component parts and accessories it allow you to easily wall mount it, or create a free standing floor display.


An incredibly versatile, durable, cost-effective and attractive display solution.

Gridwall allows you to maximise your retail space. It can be used in countless ways to best suit your display needs.


An effective display for all manner of goods.

it allows you to present and display your goods to your customers clearly and effectively. Gridwall is ideal for displaying items of different shapes and sizes without wasting vital wall or floor space.

Gridwall Display System is ideal for...

  • Clothing and Fashion
  • Promotions

  • Craft Fairs
  • Events & Exhibitions

  • Ancillary Items

  • … and much more

Benefits of the Gridwall Display System…


To create a wall-mounted display, we offer optional wall mount brackets that enable gridwall panels to be easily installed

Similarly free-standing displays are quick and easy to assemble and provide effective mobile display solutions.


Our freestanding Gridwall display units are lightweight and easy to transport making them perfect for exhibitions as well as retail displays. 

They come with either adjustable feet, sliders or castors which makes them easy to move and position.



We offer a wide range of gridwall accessories to help display your merchandise at its best. 

Our range includes easy-to-fit graphics panels, shelves, baskets, hooks, arms and hanging rails.


Whether you need a perimeter wall-mounted display or a central island mobile unit, Gridwall has an solution for you. 

With it’s modular design, and a selection of matching panels, stands and bases you can expand your display as your requirements grow.


Gridwall Panels are finished in a durable, smooth chrome finish, that is strong, sturdy and easy to keep clean. 

Manufactured from heavy-duty 6mm diameter wire rod, our Gridwall System is strong enough to withstand the day-to-day demands of commercial use.


Our Gridwall system combines stylish, contemporary aesthetics with practical design. 

The chrome finish allows your products to stand out, whilst the ease of assembly helps you to set-up and dismantle your displays quickly and easily.

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