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Money Safe TSR100- CE056


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Freeing manager time whilst reducing the risk of robbery and internal theft, Tellermate€™s money safe allows cash to be secured at the point-of-sale. High value notes can be deposited immediately in the counter safe throughout the day. Skims are faster and more convenient, or can even be eliminated altogether. Mounted at the point-of-sale, counter safes provide an effective theft deterrent and a strong, secure place to store payment media. Tellermate€™s Money Safe is an essential part of any retail loss prevention strategy, generating revenue opportunity by allowing staff to focus on customer sales rather than internal process.

TSR Money Safe.

Protect cash revenues and minimises the amount stored in till drawers.

Allow frequent cash lifts and storage of cash and other payment media during peak trading times until store managers are able to safely remove cash from the point-of-sale at the end of day or during quiet times.

Can be mounted securely out of sight under the cash desk.

Prevent internal and external cash theft.

Reduce snatch and grab robbery risk, lessening danger to employees.

Due to the design of the Money safe, it is fish proof, preventing individuals from pulling out deposited banknotes.

Optimises safe cash handling, enabling store managers to transport cash securely from the point-of-sale through to the cash office at a safe and convenient time.

All safes have a high capacity, typically supporting a full day€™s trading.

TSR 100 Money Safe

Tellermate€™sMoney Safe is a straightforward drop safe containing a metal cassette to store payment media.

Constructed from steel, Tellermate€™s Money Safe is fully mechanical and robust, with no plastic working parts.

Providing enhanced security, Tellermate€™s Money Safe comes with two separate keys €“ one to remove the safe from the point-of-sale, and one to open the note storage cassette.

Fast, simple, jam free operation

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